Nourish New York

Thanks to all who participated in Diocesan Public Policy Advocacy weekend in February!
The NY State Legislature voted to establish Nourish NY as a permanent state program through the Department of Agriculture and Markets.
This provides funding to New York’s food banks and emergency food providers for the direct purchase of New York produced fruit, vegetables, and dairy products to feed those seeking assistance.
Nourish NY expands market opportunities for farmers, eliminates food waste, and makes sure no New Yorker goes hungry.

“How we organize our society – in economics and politics, in law and policy – directly affects human dignity and the capacity of individuals to grow in community.”
(U.S. Catholic Bishops, Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions, 1998)

We are social beings. We realize our dignity and human potential in our families and communities. The family is the basic cell of society, it must be supported. Government has the mission of protecting human life, promoting the common good of all persons, and defending the right and duty of all to participate in social life.  The COVID-19 pandemic has focused a spotlight on two vulnerable groups in New York State: farmers and our neighbors who are food insecure – many are newly hungry due to job losses caused by the pandemic.

NOURISH NEW YORK is a New York State initiative that provides a lifeline for food insecure families and for farmers who have been struggling with changes brought on by COVID-19. The initiative provides funding to Food Banks to purchase New York State-produced farm products. This accomplishes two goals:  it offers market support to farmers, the fishing community, and food processors who have been impacted by the economic effects of the pandemic, while getting high-quality food to individuals and families in communities across the state through the regional Food Banks and local food pantries.