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You have my permission to post pictures of my child taken during Confirmation classes/ events in the St. Paul’s website, bulletin and/or bulletin board.
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Year 1 (Grades 8-10) $50 by Oct 1, 2020Year 2 (Grades 9-11) $50 by Oct 1, 2020

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All students entering Confirmation Preparation should provide:

  • A Baptismal Certificate and the dates and churches where they received First Penance and First Eucharist if the sacraments were received
    at a parish other than St. Paul’s
    . If you do not have a copy of the certificate, please call the church of baptism to request a copy.
  • If your child has not received the Sacrament of Penance, a make-up opportunity will be provided for a fee of $20 to cover materials fee.
  • Registration Deadline is October 1, 2020. A late fee of $10 will be charged after October 1.

Please add comments or details if needed:

PAYMENT INFORMATION - Check#, Cash, Visa/MC [online only]

Confirmation Year 1 ($50)
Confirmation Year 2 ($50)
Make-up Reconciliation ($20)
Late Fee of $10 will apply after October 1

• Confirmation Preparation is a 2 year process throughout the entire Rochester diocese for registered students no earlier than 8th grade.
• Registration necessary: forms on Parish Website or email request
• Confirmation Preparation—Late October-May
• Classes will meet virtually with 3-4 Parent/student gatherings on-site throughout the year TBA (Covid 19 plan)

• Materials charge—$50 per year Registration due—October 1, 2020
• Contact Bonnie Serio ( )

If you are new to the parish and would like to register for Confirmation year 1 or year 2, please contact Bonnie Serio at 671-2100 ext 27

To make your online payment for a Confirmation, please click the blue button to go to our payment page.

Thank you!